The Trust Of Online Market

Taobao, which is owned by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. China’s Ministry of Commerce will step up its efforts to crack down on counterfeits and shady products in nation’s booming online market. Late, Taobao, the largest customer-to-costumer online marketplace, posted an article on Tuesday saying that the China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce published a misleading report over a “problematic” random quality inspection.

Before, Jack Ma the CEO of TaoBao, who was outlining his vision for an “e-WTO”, Ma said that he wishes to expend Alibaba’s customer base by 60% to nearly 2 billion users and will be specifically targeting small businesses globally. The initial plan is to invite international small businesses to join the 8 million or so online stores on Taobao, which is Alibaba’s biggest and most popular online shopping platform. However, Ma’s ambitions did hit a rather rough stumbling block this week, after a report by China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce chided Taobao for failing to guarantee the authenticity of goods sold on the platform.
Whether the Taobao is selling fake good or not,. Or even though the booming online shopping in China not only created more job opportunities and boosted consumption, I am stronger agree on the ministry investigated and handled more merchandises online market if it’s fake or not. Because It related to the customer’s satisfaction of product, the trust between customer, E-commerce platform, and the guarantee of people’s consumption.
Rapid development of C2C mall is related to the loose of merchants confirm its identity and the free store charges for a certain relationship between Taobao and shop owners. In order to feed the “low cost” needs from businesses and customers, as a result huge numbers of products are not excelsior. Actually, this is not a good phenomenon,
Secondly, the tough sections to control this trading platform are the credit trading and risk control. The more products, the more choices for customer, whereas, in the middle of colorful goods, the counterfeits and shady products occupied in a considerable part, meanwhile the shop intend to extend more margin space and profits, the description of authentic products are changing, people can not distinguish the good products or counterfeits from the shop description.
However, admitting that it needed to do more to tackle the problem of fake goods, Taobao announced the establishment of special taskforce of 300 employees and 5400 volunteers to help build a cleaner e-commerce environment. A quite mixed bag of merchandises, and various types of shops neither help businesses shop to create their own branding m also make customers difficult to find a satisfied goods. From my point of view, this is essential measure for save the reputation of Taobao and the forwarding road.