The workshop in collaboration with Sky Italia has started! Led by Chiara Monteleone and Bryan Sabin, this two-week module aims at generating new service ideas about two different client briefs. Students will provide solutions to improve Sky's services & experience to better engage its actual customers & attract potential new ones. The workshop revolves around the main topic of brand-customer interaction intending to build a trustworthy & meaningful relationship. Students are challenged to provide service ideas on how to engage actual & potential customers and keep them active & interested throughout their whole interaction with the brand (lifecycle).

The workshop aims at giving a thorough and practical overview of a Service Design process, guiding students from context analysis to concept prototyping with special attention to creating innovative models & dynamics to build & strengthen the relationship between final customers & the company. The methodology will be applied to real client challenges thanks to the premium partnership with Sky Italia, a media and entertainment company founded in 2003 that is part of the Sky Group, Europe’s leader in entertainment.

The workshop is structured according to 3 macro-phases: methodology, research & ideation (phase 1), service definition & prototyping (phase 2), and tuning & final presentation (phase 3). Divided into four design teams, students are required to complete 5 different tasks, that cluster all the outputs from the early information gathering to modeling insights, generating and framing the solution, and identifying and designing the appropriate communication to promote it to the client. Teams will also have the chance to reflect on the feasibility & validity of the solution, its impact, and innovation level to increase their professional awareness and criticism.