User Testing - A grown-up version of the old fashioned focus group

“User Testing – A grown-up version of the old fashioned focus group”: this is how the CEO Darrell Benatar defines his own startup UserTesting.

The startup offers a service to companies for saving them from their mistakes: it’s on-line and fast tool to test a new idea with real users, a way to to “peek over” the shoulders of consumers and hear candid comments about their experiences.
When a company sends a requests, UserTesting sends emails or phone notifications to the target the company asked for and then the testers, volunteers mostly, will test the products or whatever materials the company has sent. The testers can even record themselves with a camera and send videos with their experience!
In the traditional way of doing, the product managers used to hire a consultant to run a market research. This research will usually arrives after a certain amount of time and will cost a large sum of money. UserTesting is easier, cheaper and most of all faster.
“Everyone’s starting to realize how critical customer is to their success,” Benatar says. “Technology is everywhere in our lives, and it’s becoming an imperative for companies to provide great customer experiences. Our platform makes that fast, easy and inexpensive to do.”
UserTesting has got already as clients some big names companies as Google, Facebook, Home Depot, Verizon Wireless and Amazon that understand the importance of testing ideas with real people to see how they interact with a product or a website, to understand how their experience is and how they emotionally respond to it.
This innovative startup has shown that a different way of re-think the traditional tool of businesses can save money, time and resources.
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