Using and visualizing data with Azzurra Pini

Across several years by now the hunger for data availability and processing is becoming omnipresent across the majority of organisations, who are collecting and storing a huge amount of information about individuals in their systems. At the same time more recently, artificial intelligence has become a pervasive part of our daily life, both public and private, and it is also disrupting in many ways how businesses do or might operate. This is inevitably posing new challenges to design, and particularly the design of services as consumers, and increasingly business users, are demanding more contextualised and personalised services, capable of responding and anticipating their needs.
From research to design and development, data can be the lifeblood of a service, helping designers to define problems, understand users, deliver personalised, engaging, adaptable experiences and ultimately tell better stories.

This pill by Azzurra Pini, Data Designer at Fjord, is intended to provide the elements of communication design, data and information design and storytelling to support the design and the communication of a service. Starting from the research phase, understanding and mapping the system, the problem space and the users’ needs, to the development of a concept and the actual design of a service, the pill will provide the fundamental notions to leverage the data design capability. As a fundamental and overarching part the participants will also learn methods and techniques to tell the design process, the product or the experience to different stakeholders, users and clients.

The module will also be practice-based, across the three days there will be a simulation of the design and the communication of a data-driven service. A design challenge will be presented on the first day and will follow through the module to experiment the tools and techniques used for the different phases of a service design project and its communication. During the activities the students will have a chance to see examples and will be guided in using tools and datasets available online.