Which is Improvisation's role in the design process?

Let’s start with a so inspiring lecture by Belina Raffy right after Christmas holidays: Applied Improvisation for  Service Design. As a service designer, how can you engage people effectively in creative parts of the design process? How can you make your approach highly productive, enjoyable, and able to allow for fresh insights?

In this highly interactive, two-day course, students will explore key facilitation approaches, tools, activities, and techniques coming from applied improvisation, which are now globally used to support Service Design processes from the research phase through to the co-design of service solutions. During day 1, “Learn & Try”, the ‘core capabilities of improvisation’ model by Robert Poynton will be introduced, then experiencing multiple activities which support co-creation and innovation. At the end of the day students teams will face a design challenge. During day 2, “Do & Reflect”, few more creativity activities will be introduced and students will present and reflect on their works.

Let’s enjoy improvising!

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