Which skill should I learn today?

Learning never seemed easier. SkillKindle calls itself a community marketplace to list, discover and book great classes. The concept itself lays great importance to learning, way beyond the academic.  Going through the wide range of classes listed can actually motivate you to take a class. The formats range from one class to several weeks and from one on one sessions to group workshops.  The range of classes are wide and varied: cooking, salsa, yoga, excel, pilates, finance, presentation skills, acting, languages, music, sports, bartending, pottery, calligraphy to origami are just few of the skills available.The service caters to two kind of users – the skill seeker and the trainer.  For skill seekers this platform provides an easily accessible database, organised by skill categories, price, location.  They can compare, read trainer ratings and then simply pay online to enrol. Once they attend the workshop they rate and share their experience through a blog. The platform ensures continuation by sending out customised emails with new workshops in the user’s area of interest.
The trainers get access to an audience and the platform starts woking as marketing tool for them. They receive payment upfront for their workshops and the platform makes it easy for them to update class schedules, manage and track bookings, and promote special offers. They pay a commission on every enrolment to the platform, and they also have the choice to subscribe for better listings and marketing support. SkillKindle also adds value by doing credit checks on trainers.
So far the service has gained great momentum expanding coverage from one to three cities and offering over 1000 different classes to choose from. As I said learning never seemed easier.