AI and Service Design with Stefan Holmlid

Here is the second Masterclass for the student of the Specializing Master in Service Design: AI and Service Design by Stefan Holmlid. 

AI solutions are becoming more and more popular in public sector. However, despite what often is assumed, that AI will take away jobs, in this masterclass students instead claim that AI will change how we work and what we do. In every aspect of our lives. Currently, AI is mostly very simple, but can look impressive on the outside. In this masterclass students will explore consequences of AI being part of public sector services, as a model for how AI will change the way we work.

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So, how will change the way in which the public sector will deliver services to citizens? What about a class of children going for a visit in a museum? Students will design a new experience for children visiting a museum with their teachers and they will imagine in which way AI affects the flow of the experience.