Blockchain and new services from the last Workshop with Capgemini

Here we are at the end of our great journey! The path of our training programme to become Service Designers has come to an end (for now) and the students of the Master are ready to start their Internship. During the last workshop students had the chance to experience the entire process of Service Designers, from the early stages of User Research and Concept Generation, to the Implementation of their prototypes. They finally structured the elevator pitch to present the Service they designed to their client, Capgemini.

The Workshop, Blockchain and Digital Solutions for Milan, was held by Alessandro Confalonieri and Chiara Monteleone and it had the aim to investigate the role of new technologies in sharing resources and values within the urban ecosystem. Blockchain was assumed to be not only linked to transactions, but also to be an enabler in the delivery of public value to imagine a better scenario for the citizens of Milan.
Assuming that the word population is going to increase by 2050 and new urban challenges will grow, students explored trends and case studies from all over the world, and investigated how Milan is now facing the change in terms of services. From the Research process, students found out which are (and will be) the opportunities in which blockchain can have a strategic role in the development of new services for citizens.

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House seeking, for young workers moving to Milan, is a complex and sometimes difficult process. One of the projects focused on this item. Students used blockchain to develop Houseseek, a platform to connect those looking for a home and landlords. It is based on a matching system that analyze people lifestyles and requests, easily connecting the actors involved. It also provides trust through an identity verification process. Houseseek efficiently manages data, providing a lower cost access to everyone.

The most of the times foreign people and families that move to Milan need to face a complex bureaucratic Italian system. GUIDE.MI helps foreigners to pass through the Italian bureaucratic processes by offering centralized information and consultations with experienced expats and locals. It allows newcomers and experienced people (foreigners or Italians that know how to handle Italian bureaucracy) to get in touch. Blockchain is useful to build a centralized information system, and to verify and validate people identities.

People are becoming more and more aware about the sustainability of their lifestyle and the city of Milan is already working in providing the best alternatives for its citizens. MIland is a digital solution that helps people in their sustainable choices. It provides users with sustainable and local food options at an accessible price by putting them in contact with a knowledgeable community that they can trust. Blockchain manages and verify all the informations gathered by the system, creating a network between farmers, users and products.

And what about volunteering in Milan? Sometimes it is very hard to access a full list of all the opportunities that the city is offering and to choose the one that fits our ability in doing something. ViV is a platform that connects young adults in Milan with matching volunteering opportunities, by verifying and rewarding their virtuous behavior through a blockchain backed token system. Blockchain helps to turn people’s passion into positive actions!

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