Blockchain and Digital Solutions for Milan

Here we are almost at the end of the journey of the VI edition of the Master in Service Design; the last projects students will face have become much more challenging. Workshop 4, Blockchain and Digital Solutions for Milan, is held by Alessandro Confalonieri, Head of Service Design at Doing, and Chiara Monteleone, Design Client Director at Doing. It will give the students the chance to investigate a cutting-edge technology to design new services for the citizens of Milan. They will work in teams, acting as startups, to deliver digital solutions that enhance people awareness on sustainability. Starting as usual from the User Research they will have this time the chance to prototype and test their ideas. They will finally craft an elevator pitch to present the final solutions to their new client, Capgemini.

Actually with the world’s urban population expected to increase by about 60% by 2050, we must work towards cities that provide high quality of life for all. To achieve this, we need a new vision of how to build and manage urban areas, by leveraging on new technologies such as blockchain. Indeed, we live in an evolving scenario in which internet is not only associated to transactions but also to the delivery and sharing of new values. The course will address these topics, as students will be guided from context analysis to concept generation and prototyping. They will be asked to design digital solutions that aim at equally distributing resources among the city inhabitants, through sharing dynamics and promoting virtuous behaviours.