International Conference on Design and Emotion held in Bogotá

The International Conference on Design & Emotion is held bi-annually and this time, on its 9th Edition, the city chosen to host the event was Bogotá. It was the first time the conference visits Latin America and the event’s home, from October 6th to October 10th, was the Design Department in Universidad de los Andes, one of the most important universities in Colombia. Simultaneously in Medellín and Cali some workshops were also held.

But, why Colombia? Unlike popular opinion, Colombia and Bogota as its capital city are thriving, considered to be emerging places-to-be, fed by the Colombians’ optimism and drive for improvement.
The Design & Emotion Society considered these characteristics to be a perfect background for the conference in which participants tried to find a particular combination of excitement, meaning, dialogue and having a unique experience.
The Design & Emotion Society established in 1999 as an international network of researchers, designers and companies sharing an interest in topics such as: experience-driven design, research, tools and methods that support the involvement of emotional experience in product design.
Although the initiative originated from the discipline of product design and design research, through the years practitioners from other design disciplines such as interaction design benefited from the network and its activities.
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