Design for City Making. Social innovation and service design with Ezio Manzini

Back from the holiday break, 2018 opens with the lecture by Professor Ezio Manzini, Design for City Making.
How might we redesign our city to better support our communities and citizens? What happens if we observe our city not from the point of view of an urban planner, but from the perspective of a citizen?
This vision offers new ideas and new action points. The design starts from the citizens, from the places where they live and the actions they perform. The result is a new form of urban planning driven by numerous projects of different scales. All of them involved in the co-creation of a large city-making project.
The lecture will include a guided visit to the exhibition in the Triennale Museum, named “New Urban Body”.
The students will learn how to recognize and evaluate social innovation, to understand collaborative services, and how to use design tools to define service encounters.