Did you feel creatively stuck?

Today your mind does not want to work? Are you staring at blank paper since an hour? Sometimes it just happens. Doesn’t mean your creativity is exhausted. Don’t panic, maybe you just need to refresh your mind.

This 6 simple ideas on TED are suggestions from creative thinkers that can bring creativity out the working routine.
Keep to a schedule. Program your working time in small set of hours and stick to it, it will help to keep your mind fresh.
Go for a walk. That’s the best suggestion if your mind is stuck. Go out there and take new inspiration from what surrounds you. “Walking clears your brain and fills your soul, and makes you quite happy,” says artist and author Maria Kalman.
Seek inspiration. You will never know from where your next idea can come. Read, share, watch a movie to keep your mind sharp and trained.
Stop while you are ahead. Don’t drain the back up of your mind. This is probably the most difficult suggestion to follow because we all tend to put everything and all of ourselves in a project to get the best, but we never thought that can be a good practice to always keep something to say for the next time.
Take a mini sabbatical. Designer Stefan Sagmeister takes always a sabbatical year after seven working years. He said that all the projects of the seven years following the sabbatic ones, come from the thinking of that single year. Unluckily not everyone can afford to take an entire year off, but maybe a month can be enough.
Don’t think you can take time off? It may be easier than you think. Scheduling some breaks from the life routine can be fundamental for your creativity. Find some time off can be easier and not so complicated as you think, but most important your work can take a lot of advantages even just from an afternoon off.
I’ll go for a walk now!
You can find the article and the link to the TED talks of the creative thinkers that inspire this advices here: