First part of service economy & business planning with Daniele Radici


Today started the module dedicated to service economy & business planning held by Daniele Radici, innovation and strategy advisor, strategy consultant, innovation expert, and trained facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

This course, divided into two parts, provides students useful content to understand service-based business models and design a gree-field simplified business plan. In this course, students will experience a mixed-format designed to alternate theoretical sessions with workshops and exercises to apply the tools and methods learned. The module aims to provide participants with specific knowledge and useful tools to develop viable, sustainable, and achievable service ideas. They will face different topics, starting from a business glossary and basic concepts related to business modeling and business planning, to a general overview about widespread and innovative business models, focusing on services. Daniele will also explore the relationship between business model and business plan elements, how to define the cost structure of a service-based business, and anti-fragile business models and risk-reducing. Finally, a tools deep dive involving business model canvas, swot analysis, design criteria canvas, and other useful tools.

The module will let students feel confident about business-related topics like the business models design in the service area, the difference between business modeling and business planning (as different tools and approaches), the most relevant business design tools (BMC, S.W.O.T., Context Map), and the business model innovation techniques.

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