Interaction Design Toolbox with Dario Buzzini

How interaction designer can create service and experience that are engaging for different stakeholder? During the next pill with Dario Buzzini, students will learn how to manage complex product service system and to design experience that can be transferred on different channel and suitable for a large audience and also for a specific individual. Design complex process and touchpoint means that designer needs to receive frequently feedback from the audience, in order to refine and improve part of the design process. In this way it’s possible to create interesting solutions, perfect for multi-cultural environment. Designer must be ready to change their prospective, according to the evaluation and to the different vision gives from the user.
In these three days, Dario Buzzini will provide tools and technique for the prototyping phase and for the live feedback and in this way students will be able to build their design process, test it with the user and learn from the evaluation step, in order to fill the real user’s needs.