Just a grilled ham and cheese sandwich

In Amsterdam, a really out-of-the-limits experiment just happened in the urban farming field. The experiment driven by The Sandwich Factory (De Tosti Fabriek), a group formed by young artists, pretended to explore what would it take to make a ham and cheese sandwich from scratch, and they really meant from scratch.

ketchup urban farm
The experiment took over 9 months of waiting, buying a couple of pigs and cows, planting a field of wheat and more than 35.000 Euros before they could actually get a grab on their first self-produced sandwich.
cows urban farm
The artists were looking for people to realize all the effort behind a simple sandwich, which in the end took at least 20 volunteers and 9 months of preparation only for this 350-sandwich production, of course making the whole experiment pretty inefficient in terms of costs & benefits. Also, the artists and the experiment wanted to find balance between local food and the need of feeding everyone on the planet making people wonder when does local food make sense.
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