Service Branding with Silvia Barbieri

How important is Branding in the Service Design field? How can Service Designer build the sense of identity and recognizability for all the touchpoints that create a service? Branding has a key role to create the first contact with the users, in order to be easy understandable and to be part of a complex system.
On Monday, Silvia Barbieri, Head of Brand Strategy, will introduce Service Branding through a lecture about the principles of branding in services, in order to deeply understand the power and the components. The students will be guided during the process, with the main goal to obtain a clear idea about how manage a brand and how transform a brand idea into tangible and physical elements. During the lecture, Silvia Barbieri will explain the main difference about Branding for Services and Services for Branding, with an exercise about the definition of a brand strategy for a new service.