Service Visualization with Adriano Gariglio

On Monday the students of the Master in Service Design will start a two days course about Service Visualization and how to use Service Design tools to present projects and ideas during the different phases of the design process. Adriano Gariglio, Service Designer in the IRIS unit (e-Services for Life and Health) at Fondazione Centro San Raffaele, will help students to understand the different use of tools and the way to improve graphic design in order to support design projects.
The course is based on the visualization of an existing service and the students will pretend to be the designer of JustEat, an home delivery service, and they will design the experience through tools and graphic presentation. The goal is to focus on which key points are important in order to present the projects and the values to the client. In this way, it will be clear that graphic, visual tools and storytelling are important components of the Service Design process and the students will go more in deep in the world of the Service Design tools, in order to use them in the correct and coherent way. Students will design a presentation that condense all the information useful to understand the service and they will have the possibility to use Service Design methods.