The workshop on resilience under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan

Liat Rogel and Valentina D’Addato will lead a 5-day workshop tackling a challenge coming from the Resilience Department of the Municipality of Milan. The city desires to reactivate unused spaces on the ground floors of public housing complexes and is asking the students to start thinking about the issue and come up with possible scenarios that would inspire the existing communities in the complexes to propose ideas for the spaces. The role of service designers in this context would be to foster a bottom-up type of local regeneration and empower citizens to take the challenge in their own hands.
It will be an intense week throughout which the students will engage in an initial exploratory research after the brief proposal by Piero Pelizzaro, Chief Resilience Officer of the city of Milan, to arrive then to insights useful to structure the future scenarios. Elements to be integrated during the scenarios design will be hybrid spaces (commercial, social, collaborative), outer spaces, green spaces as well as community gardens and vegetable gardens, maintaining an eye on environmental sustainability. The scenarios represent a first community action, an invitation to take part in the design process and build the right spaces for their contexts.
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