User research and concept generation for ActionAid Italy with Vincenzo di Maria

The students of the Master in Service Design are going to start a workshop with Vincenzo di Maria, Service Designer and Social Innovator, in collaboration with ActionAid Italy, an international organization that works directly with children and parents to support them with food, education and life in general.
During the week, the students will do a user research and they will generate new concept, in relation with a real context and based on the client’s needs. All the process is focus on empathy, creativity and strategy, in order to suggest smart ideas to solve complicated problems. The goal of the workshop is to focus on a specific experience and interaction, in order to understand better the client and to promote radical innovation.
Thanks to this experience with ActionAid, the students will be able to have a directly contact with the clients, in order to give fresh ideas that can improve their program, especially in term of visibility. Give new tools and create functional and impactful touchpoints are the main aims of the activity, so in this way ActionAid could increase the numbers of donors and set apart from the most important competitors.
The students are going to analyze in deep the user research and different technique to understand the client’s needs. After the data research, they will be able to give a criteria and to visualize the results. The research will be transformed in concept, in order to innovate a service experience. The workshop will be focused on the communication of the ideas and to the validation through the use of rapid prototyping tools. Work with a lot of different clients, stakeholder and users will be a challenge and an opportunity to generate innovative ideas.