Utopia on Earth: The Venus Project

Behavior holds the key to solving many world problems. To alter ones behavior, one would need to investigate the meaning of behavior  and make estimations to pre-empt it. A yardstick for understanding behavior can be to observe reactions an individual has to his environment, and to note the role of these reactions in deciding the path of behavior. It is therefore important to realize that our environments could be responsible in drafting our situations; and thus be a conduit to resulting reactive actions.

Our basic needs from Earth’s environment are simple – those of food, clean water and shelter; something that our planet can still provide. However, our race is still confronting issues of hunger, homelessness, crime and terrorism. So where is the missing link, why the waste of life? It is prudent to approach these problems and work towards a solution. Einstein famously said
” We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”  
Thus suggesting, that in order to solve a problem we need to view the situation from various perspectives, new, current and old. Jacque Fresco, peer to Einstein, has a solution that could eradicate the world of its prevailing threatening issues. This innovative idea, which is ahead of our time, relies on the relationship our environment has with us. He logically outlines that the root cause of our social issues today is the lack of resources, which result in inequality and instability in our environment. Fresco questions our ongoing social systems and suggests its re-iteration and a conscious intelligent design of it –
“When we unleash science and technology directly into the social system without the restrictions of the marketplace, finances or patents -a very high standard of living can be achieved within a very short period of time.”
This modern day Da Vinci solves our problems by envisioning a  resource-based economy – An economy which operates on the basis of available resources on Earth, and makes those resources available to every human being free of choice without a price tag. A society living in such a system would continuously improve, change rapidly through new technologies, inventions and ideas. It would be an emergent society rather than an established one like we have today.
This video of illustrates the integration of the best of science and technology into a comprehensive plan for a new society base on human and environmental concern. 

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