Why a new golden age for UI Design is around the corner

Are we heading for a future where digital and real life are completely merged with seamless effort? Disney seems to think so and so do designers in general! We have all gotten used to having digital experiences of services on screens, the iPhone being an example. But in the future it seems that our digital interactions won’t take place simply on screens. They will happen everywhere, constantly in our daily lives and designers will no longer be designing products or interfaces, but experiences and services.Within the next five years we will be surrounded by embedded devices and services, but how can we create a unique and fully integrated digital experience in our homes and offices. And how can we make them feel natural and inevitable?
This is where Experience Design comes into live – by focusing not on products or devices but on the impact they have on people’s lives and the way it will answer to this emerging trend of providing digital seamless experiences is by allowing our different devices to coordinate and merge with each other in such a way that who don’t even realize it or are aware of it – just of the impact it has on our daily lives.

But this also means that the software complexity of our devices has to increase exponentially? But how, exactly? Check the article for further insight.
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