Why we want to share something online?

A few days ago, I learned something about human centered design. There were a couple of questions came up on my mind, why people like to share online? What kind of person would like to share?

Then, I searched some articles about user sharing online. Combining with what I have obtained, simply to tidy up the comprehension of user behavior and psychology. Why people like to share online? Who are they? How to share information in an efficient way? When is the proper time to share? Which location that we choose to share? Furthermore, what kind of the content we accept to public? Base on those question of why, who, how, when, and where, what, Here I just focus on the motivation of personal behavior. I separate the main types of personal motivation into different paragraphs depend on different intention.
–To define ourselves to others
Behind this kind of situation, people expect to show possessing some kinds of qualities to define them by sharing, for the goal that influencing people to feel they are enthusiasm, cool or funny. For example, someone who bought the iphone6 and posted the new photo on our social application, for some reasons, they want to show they are going on the most fashion technology frontier or just show off. Someone who post his traveling pictures or sharing the pictures of enjoying delicious food, through sharing the lifestyle to define they have positive lifestyle.
To grow and nourish our relationship
For the purpose on this situation, people normally nominate some of his friends to maintain the old relationship or discover the new social net. For example, people choose to share the controversial article then usually @some of their friends who have the same interesting topic, meanwhile, they also expect to get more people’s attention.
To bring valuable and entertaining content to others
This is for a voluntary social behavior, a motivation to facilitate others, by sharing valuable information or interesting content to others, in order to give their friends or someone a good impression. As often as we see what friends are sharing some funny scripts or life tips.
When someone realize their potential and personal abilities being used when they finish target or accomplish some tasks, in some aspects, they feel the sense of existence, the sense of accomplishment or the sense of integration. Maybe something is not big or so common for other people. It is similar to the one as described before (To define ourselves to others). The difference is they define themselves. The context of sharing information is not important as before, the point is through sharing to identify whether to approach who we are they have expected before. For example, some people like to share some sentence like this one’ Stop waiting for tomorrow; you will never get today back, It does not matter what you have done in the past. Stop setting. Stop procrastinating. Relate to the sharing context, one of baffling words or one of baffling pictures could inspire their deep feeling inside.