Workshop with Intesa Sanpaolo

How can we design a new service experience for the customers in the bank space? How will be the bank of the future and which activities the users will do in the branches?

The students have done a three weeks workshop with Intesa Sanpaolo, supported by Beatrice Villari, Francesca Foglieni and Enrico Tedoldi, that have guided the students during all the process. The aim of the research was to understand the evolution of the bank, related to the behaviors of people in a dynamic urban context and to suggest new ideas and concept in order to transform banks in “meeting and attraction places”.

After the first step of a field and desk research, the students have designed new concept and prototype their ideas, in order to present to the client innovative and visionary solutions. During all the process, the students had the possibility to explore the bank system and to develop possible solutions to transform the common bank activities in a service experience, with the aim to attract new clients.