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Vincenzo Dimaria
- Dario Buzzini -
Designer Director at IDEO
The Master in Service design provides a unique and international experience focused on the development of tangible strategies via hands-on and iterative learning modules. For example, students in my module learned to successfully build, communicate and gather feedback on their online service platforms in less than 48 hours. All with plenty of fun. Service Design students work hard and play hard.
- Vincenzo Dimaria -
Network catalyst at commongroundpeople
Service Design is an interdisciplinary field of practice that embraces the best of design thinking mindset, empatia research tools coming from ethnography and marketing, innovative business strategy and value creation models. The MA Service Design at Politecnico in Milan brings together the best of academics, thinkers and practitioners working in this fluir field across Europe, preparing the students to approach the service industry with a range of new tools and processes to improve, reshape or to create new services. The students on the course bring different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives from all over the world, creating a strong peer learning environment that allows them to grow both personally and professionally. I would recommend the MA Service Design at Politecnico in Milan as one of the top 5 learning programmes on this field internationally.


Latest News

How to design sharing and collaborative services? How to design for social innovation? On Monday the students of the Master in Service Design will discover the emerging field about sharing and collaborative services, with Anna Meroni, in order to understand what they have in common and how to design and promote social innovation. These services […]
Workshop with Barilla
30 March 2017
How can we promote the premiumness of Barilla products by generating service ideas that offer a new approach in the different moment of the interaction between the users and the products? The students had done a three-weeks workshop with Barilla, supported by Liat Rogel, Alessandro Contini and Valentina D’Addato. The students focused their attention and […]
Social innovation with Ezio Manzini
23 March 2017
Today the students of the Master in Service Design are going to understand and recognize collaborative services with Ezio Manzini. The lecture is starting with an overview about social crisis in the cities, due to the gap between the growing demand and the shrinking of the offers. The problem starts when the big institutions of the […]
4th Edition
The master in Service Design meets Eataly
6 March 2017
To highlight the importance of the partnership between Eataly and the Master in Service Design we asked few questions to Stefano Murialdo, Eataly Smeraldo’s Director. “I’m really proud to be collaborating with POLI.design, because they can really help us in understanding our clients’ desires and meeting their needs” says Stefano Murialdo. Which are the key […]
Service Branding with Silvia Barbieri
3 March 2017
How important is Branding in the Service Design field? How can Service Designer build the sense of identity and recognizability for all the touchpoints that create a service? Branding has a key role to create the first contact with the users, in order to be easy understandable and to be part of a complex system. On […]
Workshop with Intesa Sanpaolo
20 February 2017
How can we design a new service experience for the customers in the bank space? How will be the bank of the future and which activities the users will do in the branches? The students have done a three weeks workshop with Intesa Sanpaolo, supported by Beatrice Villari, Francesca Foglieni and Enrico Tedoldi, that have guided […]

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